5 Stone is a small but potent band of elite, hand-picked specialists in the business of outdoor, leisure, recreation and lifestyle marketing.

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Our extensive, personal experience in these categories has not only given us a true knowledge of this unique customer, but better tactics for persuading him or her.


It doesn’t hurt to be a recreational enthusiast when you’re selling to fellow enthusiast’s. The same goes for skiers, horse lovers, mountain bikers, RVers, shade tree mechanics, foodies or DIYers. When you’re talking to people about their passions, you have to understand those passions.


5 Stone puts seasoned professionals with proven track records on your account. It saves time and money. And tends to get things done right the first time. Our goal is to become your trusted business partner.



Strategic Planning


Web Development

Public Relations

Marketing Consulting

Brand Development

Digital + Mobile

Package Design

Media Planning + Buying

Broadcast + Video


Social Media

Research & Analytics

Exhibit & Tradeshow Design

Promotional + Engagement



What distinguishes our process isn’t that it’s unique. (Anyone who hands you that line is blowing smoke).  What’s different about our approach to your branding is how thorough we are. We bring unmatched experience, a gritty tenacity for solving problems and an absolute passion for the category.

The technique breaks down like this:


This is the beginning. The foundation. Ground zero. Here we discover the fundamentals about you, your business, your customer, your competition, your distribution. We don’t assume anything, and we want to know everything.


We will find out where you want to go and how fast you want to get there. Then we will start the process of finding the best path.


Now it’s time to digest what we have discovered. How does it apply? What’s the goal? How does it affect the customer? The industry? What is the experience? Why is it relevant? How does it differentiate? Who really cares and why? Will there be any resistance?


From here, we’ll plan a true brand strategy for your product or service. And believe this: we don’t give anything the standard treatment. We will look at all possible methods and routes – to impact a target with the best possible use of your budget.


Left brain now meets right brain. We now know the position we want to hold. Next, how do we secure that position? That all-important Share of Mind in a prospect’s cluttered, information-weary noggin? How does your brand begin to occupy that perfect, specific place in a customer’s head? The Sweet Spot?


Now it’s time to tell our compelling, distinctive, provocative, self-propagating story by seizing our audiences imagination and speaking to them on their terms.


We don’t just want to create desire – we want to create intensity of desire. Attract them with print, occupy their minds with digital, influence with broadcast or involve your customers through promotions.

Looking for some marketing consultation?

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